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Ms. Jocelyn, Parent of Kyle and Rhys

As a Canadian moving my family to Jakarta, the biggest challenge was not only having my children adjust to attending a new school but in a new country.  ISMILE became a home away from home for both my boys.
My kids enjoy the wide open outdoor and indoor space with sandpits and a jungle gym where they are free to run around and explore, as well as the cozy library where they spend a lot of time relaxing with books. In the classroom, I see how teachers spend time to understand how each child learns best and recognize this learning also evolves, therefore ensuring each child develops confidence and a desire to learn.
There are a love and care at the school that is difficult to describe, and truly understood through interaction with the teachers, the staff and other parents which extends beyond school grounds. The commitment from teachers at ISMILE to mentor and educate my children to be intellectually curious, academically diligent and thoughtful to others is beyond description. Learning by doing, learning by experimenting, learning by listening and asking, and learning through play.
Thank you ISMILE Bellezza
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