Parent Testimonial


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Ms. Jacqueline, Parent of Lisa

ISMILE has always been my favorite school. I have sent both of my children to ISMILE for both the infant and toddler class and I can obviously see growth in my children in cognitive skills, motoric skills, speech ability as well as social skills.
My children has been able to sort objects and colours, walk, run, pick up small objects, communicate, understand instructions and conduct themselves well in crowded situation since an early age.
ISMILE has also instilled very good values in my children. The teachers are consistently very good, high qualified and educated, as well as very sincere in teaching the children. The teachers always encourage, motivate and speak kindly to all the students.
I also especially enjoy the sensory activities that my children experience. There is a great variety of exercises, and they are hardly ever repeated. My children are constantly exposed to a lot of textures, shapes, sizes and other sensory experiences such as liquid, bubbles as well as painting. There are also frequent outdoor activities and themed events that especially make going to school very festive.
Overall, I recommend ISMILE as a foundation for any child’s development. Their teaching curriculum is holistic and covers all aspects of a child’s growth.
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