Parent Testimonial


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Ms. Winna, Parent of Emily Kuoswira

ISMILE for me is like my second home. I am impressed by how the teacher and the staff know my kids and it makes us grow like a family there. This creates a very supportive climate, especially for my daughter Emily. I like how the school thought of every single things that the kids might needed, even the smallest things they create in the classroom you can feel the love and effort they put into it.  The teachers are very concern, shows a lot of attention and interaction, not only to the children on their class, but with all the children in school. Emily shows a lot of improvement for the last 2 years. If you know her, she is very quiet before, she is an observer, but now she is very playful and confident. During online, we still can see the love by seeing on the materials they prepared for our kids, even the smallest thing is very thoughtful. The positive thing of online study is, we can accompany our kids, and see how they interact with the teacher, and how the teacher teach our kids, and it makes me realize that ISMILE can do it very well! I'm so impressed on how the teacher put a lot extra effort and did a great job in making the transition from offline to online. Thank you ISMILE, the patience, the creativity, the love, made Emily experience one positivity and growth. I am   so grateful for all the effort and   it   brought me to tears.


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