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Ms. Frances, Parent of Emmelyn

Hi, my name is Frances, I’m Emmelyn’s mom. I want to share to you our experience at ISMILE Preschool. It’s been couple of semesters that we have to do online school at home because of this pandemic. At first, of course, we felt overwhelmed. I didn’t have idea of what will it be, but luckily ISMILE had really good preparations. All the teachers also are very helpful. They really listen to our concerns, our suggestions, and I think that’s what made the online class went well. For the teaching time itself, I think it’s very efficient. For N2 level, it’s only 1 hour a day, which is good because Emmelyn can focus until the end of the session. All the materials are also well prepared by the school, such as for Art, Science, and Mandarin. Our class is also divided into small group of children which I think is a good idea so the teachers can really focus for each student, have a good relationship, have a good interaction, and really knows their development. And the best part is, they really made it entertaining and so creative for the children. So even though Emmelyn cannot go to school, she is still able to enjoy doing it from home. So far I think, it has been a really good experience.”

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