Parent Testimonial


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Ms. Lady Rhesa, Parent of Leonore

During this pandemic, I feel that taking online class is beneficial and convenient to my kid in many ways. It’s saving the time, and allow kids to remain at home with family, which is safer option for today’s condition. At first it was pretty challenging to coping with this whole new learning system. There were disadvantages also, such as, kids have less interactions with teachers and other students. And sometimes the materials that kids can absorb is less more effective than when they are attending the class. But, looking the fact that teachers in ISMILE give their best in providing the materials, in teaching, in preparing weekly worksheets, and also extra time for those who need more supports, we feel very grateful to be a part of this online class. I saw how ISMILE always try to keep their students engaged, motivated, and interested with their fun way of learning, for that we recognize your kind efforts, and we are so thankful. Yes, we are all at distances but not at heart. Thank you ISMILE for making online learning fun and memorable!

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