Parent Testimonial


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Mr. Yohan, Parent of Amaya

Hi, my name is Yohan. I’m Amaya’s dad from K2. Her big brother Reykja is also an ISMILE graduate. I would like to send my appreciation to the teachers and all ISMILE family. Splitting the class into two thus longer teaching time, preparing the learning materials, worksheet, art, and craft and having to go through the usual remote interaction challenges, all these go unnoticed. I feel that despite having to do it remotely, the learning quality is very well maintained.

Kudos to teachers for being more passionate than ever.

Thank you for your patience and love for the students. During this online learning, we parents also learn our part. We learn that our children's growth is not the sole responsibility of the teachers, our support towards the children is also critical. Another learning that both my wife and I commonly share is that we are also learning from Amaya’s module. I remember one day my wife had a long chat with Miss Sharon discussing about Adjective, that was funny. Thanks again teachers for making our children’s online learning engaging and fun. Thanks for going extra miles in our children’s development. Stay safe and take care!

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