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Ms. Yenny, Parent of Finnley

My name is Yenny. I'm mother of Finnley (K2B)    and  his sister Nicole who graduated from ISMILE 2 years ago. First of all I want to thank ISMILE Preschool for teaching my two children from the age of 1 year. From my first child, I already really believe in ISMILE school on how they handle my children. They know what is best for my children. Until this pandemic happens and the learning system becomes home learning , they still give their best. For me personally, home learning has pros and cons. As involving parents in teaching children at home and we as parents know the child's learning progress. We know what they learn & do at class. But honestly, I find difficulty to teach my child like what the teachers did. Overall, I am very happy coz I can always be by his side, accompanying him to study until the class ends.

In fact, our responsibilities as parents at home are tougher, by having to do homework, cooking, working, taking care of 2 kids with home learning, this is very hard for us. But I know, ISMILE will not disappoint us as parents by still giving the best for my child. Thank you so much ISMILE  Preschool & to all teachers for having us this 7 years.



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