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Ms. Shelvia, Parent of Christopher

Christopher joined ISMILE from toddler class until K2. And right now because of the pandemic he has been doing online learning. ISMILE uses zoom as the learning media. It takes him awhile to be able to get used to learning from home. But overtime he is doing fine and he's been learning a lot and what more he can still interact with his friends too. He can laugh at his friends whenever he sees them doing something funny or answer the questions differently. His reading skill has improved and his mathematics are improving too. So the zoom class is proven to be effective.

Thanks to all the teachers too as they are trying their best to teach them, even though this is something challenging to them as it is online learning they managed to prepare all the activities and worksheet to be collected every other week with all materials needed for the activities. And the durations of the class is not too short and not too long and it is perfect to keep the children to follow from start till the end. My kids are growing well and they learn a lot. They miss going to school too! Thanks ISMILE and the wonderful hardworking teachers who always give their best for the kids. And thanks for loving the kids too!

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