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Ms. Sweeta, Parent of Prerna and Pranav

Unequivocally, my husband and I made the correct choice when we selected ISMILE Menteng as the preschool for our twins Prerna and Pranav. They have attended ISMILE since they were 15 months old and will soon graduate from K2 at age 6yrs. The way the teachers have helped our twins develop their individualities, while at the same time emphasizing self-discipline and respect towards others, has truly been a heartening experience.

E-Learning is definitely a new concept for us all and especially challenging for younger children. The E-Learning process at ISMILE has truly exceeded my expectations. It has been evident that my twins Previous teachers at K1 and current teachers at K2 have truly gone above and beyond in their attempts to continue to provide instruction to my twins.

However, the reasons we really love this school (amazing teachers, sense of community, friendships, compassion,etc) are they are making a very difficult situation a little brighter for my kids. Days before K2 started the teachers contacted us parents to understand our goals and challenges and explain the new situations and teaching methods. They have so far continued to focus on each individual child’s emotional needs while still providing a top-tier education with small group teaching sessions and full class socialization opportunities. They are offering Mandarin classes as well as Gym and extra online tutoring classes. I cannot even imagine how difficult the transition has been for the teachers yet they are providing more than I expected and doing it with a smile.

I would like to say thank you to all the staff and teachers at ISMILE and especially big Kudos to Ms Hazel and Ms Carli. They have given each child a chance to speak and express themselves and also managed to instil discipline and routine and for 5-6 years old that is definitely a challenge to do online!

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