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Ms. Hazelle Lao, Parent of Alessi and Xander

Over the past 7 years, we have both our two kids attend ISMILE. To say that they have enjoyed their time is an understatement. They have thrived in this environment. We believe ISMILE helps students adapt to a different learning and requirement system -- one that not only focuses solely on academic excellence, but one that also nurtures each child's innate talents, honed their skills to achieve their full potential, helps build their confidence, overcome their fears, and shows how to have compassion for others. 

Alessi and Xander started in this school when they were 16 months old. In all these times, we have witnessed them develop into the wonderful children who possess the qualities every parent hopes and wants to see in their children. We are extremely proud of their confident nature, their enthusiasm for all things, their compassion for people, and their excellent academic development. We have witnessed how Alessi effortlessly progressed from preschool to primary level. 

Unexpectedly, the world is shaken by the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and it has an influential impact on education. ISMILE, without a doubt, strived to face the challenges of how to maintain continuity of teaching and learning through Online Program. Indeed, it was not easy at the beginning of this online classes, both school and students needed time to adjust and adapt to the online methods. We were a bit skeptical at first, but what a wonderful experience it is turning out to be! Xander is meaningfully engaged every single day in so many different types of activities. ISMILE has continuously have the classes improved and become more of interactive sessions where Xander enjoys and feels very comfortable to express himself.

We are immensely confident that as parents, we have made the best decision in choosing ISMILE as our partner in developing the growth of our kids, and in laying the foundation to their solid future.

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