Parent Testimonial


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Ms. Stephanie, Parent of Amelia

The online learning experience has been really fun for Amelia. This her 3rd term for her doing e learning and she already knows the drill. Every week she is excited to open the new week's LCP. As a parent, I am very happy how well she responds in class, she would participate in question and answer and is very excited to do all the sensory plays, art and craft and activities prepared by the teachers. Miss Cindy and Miss Rita are really enthusiastic and engaging during class and that makes the students excited too. Amelia has no problem sitting through one zoom class session and even sometimes wished there was more class! I could see her face light up when she got the right answers while answering questions from the teachers and that is really important to me as it builds her confidence. Even sometimes I would try to intervene and help her and she reminded me that she could do it herself. Thank you, teachers and ISMILE for the fun and engaging classes that you have prepared for the children. We really appreciate all the effort that the teachers and school are doing. Amelia hopes to be back in class with all her classmates and teachers.

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