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Parent of Silas Jean Wetik, Marcel F. D. Wetik and Alexandra J. Wuisan

It's not because of the broad range lists of teaching methods and which kind of learning aspects that was written on the brochures, that made them a deciding factor for us to believe that ISMILE is the best environment for our son, Silas, to grow, learn and explore his knowledge and creativity, when we first encountered the colourful and interesting booth, almost a year ago. There was, one of the teachers, seeing an eager child looking at those curious bunch of floating objects to play with. She gave one of those bright green balloons to my son, probably waved goodbye, not expecting anything. It took only one simple genuine act, I believe with a sincere smile, and it doesn't need even a single persuasive word, to trust our parenting instincts for considering to have a look. The next thing that followed was us visiting the booth, helping ourselves picking up as many brochures as we could.
For us it's crucial to establish children's cognition in all aspects of intelligence, we call them talents, from an early age. Having said that, it's also imperative to have the best facility and teachers with keen abilities to assess those skills in their progress. In that way our son will gain his confidence in appreciating his strengths and understanding his weaknesses. ISMILE provides those requirements both in professional education programmes, atmosphere and excellent activities. But what is quintessential significant for us in setting the best example for our child throughout this passage of blooming and learning are these simple, basic and widely known acts of compassion, sincerity, and kindness which we found not only in the class but also from the school surroundings. From the head principal, educators and their assistants, the cooks and gardeners, to the receptionist and security. Everyone is involved, dedicated and determined to give their best interest for the children's development. 
We saw Silas growing in confidence each day. Being taught gratitude and awareness, he now loves to explore and appreciates more. Of his surroundings, all kinds of things, what nature brings. Of simple but meaningful gestures. But what most important of all is allowing Silas to be his best self. And I thank ISMILE for that and letting Silas be part of this amazing learning experience. 


I believe ISMILE will expand and flourish not just as an institution but as a big family as well.
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