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Bandung Newsletter September 2023 Issue 3

In this issue, get a sneak peek at the field trip and many more.

Welcome to the September edition of our Bandung newsletter! We have lots of exciting updates and stories to share this month.​
Field Trip

September 22, 2023, was a day filled with excitement and exploration for the little adventurers of ISMILE Bandung. The day started early in the morning as our eager students gathered at the school with beaming smiles in their eyes.

Our mode of transportation for the day was the iconic Bandros, short for “Bandung Tour on Bus”. Accompanied by their parents and teachers, our little travelers embarked on a thrilling journey through the heart of Bandung, a city full of history, culture, and surprises.

The Bandros adventure kicked off right from our school on Jl. Hegarmanah. As the colourful bus passed through the streets of Bandung City, our young explorers couldn’t contain their excitement. They waved at passersby and marvelled at the bustling cityscape passing by.

The Bandros bus tour led us through Bandung’s famous landmarks, including the bustling Cihampelas district, the impressive Gedung Sate building, and the lively Gasibu Park. Our journey also took us through streets like Cisangkuy, Sumatra, Lengkong, and Asia Afrika, where each turn revealed something special about our city.

One of the highlights of the trip was our visit to the historic Banceuy and Braga areas. From there, we continued to Wastukencana and Dago, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Bandung along the way. Our adventure reached its peak at the final stop: Setraduta, where we discovered the enchanting NuArt Sculpture Park.

At NuArt, our young artists get to express their creativity by making clay art. They used their hands to shape their imaginations into beautiful clay creations, which they proudly took home as a memory of this special day.

After the creative fun, it was snack time. Our little explorers gathered, relishing snacks and cherishing the day’s memorable journey of learning, discovery, and bonding.

At ISMILE Bandung, we believe every day is a chance for our little learners to explore and make memories. Our recent trip showed how adventure helps our students grow. We’re excited for the next journey, encouraging curiosity in our ISMILE Bandung family. Keep smiling, learning, and exploring!